Field Journal: 17 - 23 March 2019 - Color & Light Edition

This was a rollercoaster weather week in Roy's Redwoods. Mornings were damp and chilly - mid-40°s F (7°C) around mid-morning - but the temperatures rose quickly with the sun. On Thursday, it was a foggy 45°F (7°C) when I walked into the forest at 09:33. By the time I walked out an hour and a half later, the sun had burned off the fog and raised air temperature to a sultry 68°F (20°C.) The two weather systems that came through didn't leave behind much moisture - half an inch and some change between the both of them at Roy's - but it was enough to wet the forest floor.

We're in a transition period between winter and spring, so bumpy weather is to be expected. It's a great time to drink in the colors of the redwood forest floor: iridescent and fluorescent slime molds, rain-plumped plants and lichens, brightly-colored millipedes and salamanders. This week, I'm letting the forest speak for themselves through the photos.


Hanging Slime Mold (Badhamia utricularis) Sporangia
Unidentified Slime Mold (Myxomycetes)
Coral Slime Mold (Ceratiomyxa fruticulosa)
Coral Slime Mold (Ceratiomyxa fruticulosa)
Coral Slime Mold (Ceratiomyxa fruticulosa)
Slime Mold (Myxomycetes)
Slime Mold (Myxomycetes)
Slime Mold (Myxomycetes)


Western Deer Mushroom (Pluteus exilis)
Basidiomycete Fungus (Phylum Basidiomycota)
Basidiomycete Fungus (Phylum Basidiomycota)
Cup Fungus (Phylum Ascomycota)
Zygote Fungus (Phylum Mucormycota)
Zygote Fungus (Phylum Mucormycota) on Animal Dung


Xystocheir dissecta
Yellow-Spotted Millipede (Harpaphe haydeniana)
Genus Tylobolus


California Slender Salamander (Batrachoseps attenuatus)
Yellow-Eyed Ensatina (Ensatina eschscholtzii xanthoptica)
Arboreal Salamander (Aneides lugubris)
Western Fence Lizard (Sceloporus occidentalis)


Coast Redwood (Sequoia sempervirens) Roots
Bigleaf Maple (Acer macrophyllum)
Fern (Class Polypodiopsida)


Owl pellets found under a Coast Redwood
Light & Spiderweb along Meadow Trail

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