Field Journal: 21 - 27 April 2019

[Author's Note: I'm working to get caught up with my weekly field journal entries before the end of August, so the next few months' worth of entries are going to be very short on words.]


Genus Stemonitopsis
Genus Stemonitopsis
Genus Stemonitopsis (pink/purple) and Genus Hemitrichia (mustard-colored)
Genus Hemitrichia


Western Deer Mushroom (Pluteus exilis) on California Bay Laruel (Umbellularia californica) log
Unidentified Agaricales on dead California Bay Laruel (Umbellularia californica)


Checker Lily (Fritillaria affinis)
Coast Redwood (Sequoia sempervirens)


Female Rough-Skinned Newt (Taricha granulosa)
Genus Platycerus
Tiger Crane Flies (Genus Nephrotoma)
Wing-tapping Cicadas (Genus Platypedia)
Redwood Sideband (Monadenia infumata)

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