Here is some art I made that you can get on t-shirts, mugs, etc.

Oh look, it me.

Designs are Coast Redwood-forest tested!

California Herpublic: California is home to a wide variety of “herps” – reptiles and amphibians. Celebrate California’s herpetological diversity with this plucky Rough-Skinned Newt on a range of quality products.

Also available with white text for dark t-shirts or on rectangular stickers.

Slime Mold Girl Gang: Now you can proudly boast of your membership in the premier women's organization dedicated to the observation and appreciation of Myxomycetes with a t-shirt or other fine merchandise. Also available on a black background for stickers.

About Slime Mold Girl Gang: SMGG membership is open to anyone who a) is a girl, and b) loves slime molds. SMGG activities include: looking for slime molds; reading and sharing information about slime molds; photographing &/or documenting slime molds; writing about slime molds; creating slime mold art; slime mold wrangling and husbandry; slime mold dance party.

Lookie-Loo the Micro-Hiker: For lovers of tiny wild things. Show your appreciation for small friends - slime molds, fungi, salamanders, snails, slugs, spiders, millipedes, centipedes, and more! - with this design featuring a hiker carrying a magnifying glass.