Field Journal: 02-08 December 2018

I took a last-minute trip to Oklahoma for my grandfather's funeral, so I only made it to Roy's Redwoods a couple of times this week. The forest is a good place to grieve.

Pixie Cup Lichens (genus Cladonia)

There's a big log at the east end of the lower meadow that's absolutely blanketed in lichen and mosses. The day my grandfather died, I spent the better part of an hour with this log, poring over its every nook and cranny, finding miniature gardens at every turn.

After the funeral, on Saturday the 8th, I attended a Fungi Bioblitz at Roy's Redwoods organized by One Tam. A bioblitz is an event where a group of people look for specific organisms in a specific place over a short period of time. A couple of dozen volunteers converged in the morning for a short introductory briefing, and then we split up into groups to cover different areas of Roy's Redwoods and the adjacent French Ranch Open Space Preserves. At the end of the bioblitz, we were encouraged to upload our observations to iNaturalist.

Bolete Mould (Hypomyces chrysospermus) on a Bolete (family Boletaceae)

Our group covered the southern half of Roy's Redwoods Loop Trail, from the trailhead south and east, and then back north to Meadow Trail, where we headed west back to the trailhead. I served as our group's guide/person-who-knows-something-about-mushrooms, so I didn't take many photos. The mold-eaten bolete above was the first mushroom we spotted on the trail.

Oyster Mushroom (Pleurotus ostreatus) on California Buckeye (Aesculus californicus)

I don't see many Oyster Mushrooms at Roy's, so I had to stop for a photo of this glorious beast.

Unidentified Coprinoid Mushroom (genus Coprinus, Parasola, Coprinopsis, or Coprinellus) growing on horse manure

The mushrooms pictured above were among dozens fruiting on a pile of horse manure on the trail. Fungi that feed on dung are called coprophilous (dung-loving.)  

For more of the species we spotted today, see the One Tam Fungi Bioblitz: Early Winter Edition page on iNaturalist.

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