Field Journal: 11-17 November 2018

It wasn't a great week.

View from the parking area at Roy's Redwoods. Smoke from the Camp Fire up in Butte County has drifted south & west to settle over the Bay Area. Air quality is dismal, and there's no rain in the forecast until Thanksgiving.
Smoke makes the mid-day light in the deep forest hauntingly beautiful.
I wear an N95 mask and take it easy. 
The world moves forward. Under a blighted sky, Bigleaf Maples (Acer macrophyllum) are turning yellow right on schedule.

The smoke from the Camp Fire was difficult enough to deal with here in the Bay Area, but the fires themselves were devastating for those living in the immediate area. If you'd like to help the victims, please consider donating to the Camp Fire Evacuation Relief Fund.

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