Field Journal: 03 October 2018

A millipede I found under a bit of Coast Redwood bark. Millipedes are in class Diplopoda, which translates as "two feet;" millipedes are so named because they have two pairs of legs per body segment.
Membranous Pelt Lichen (Peltigera membranacea,) rejuvenated by the recent rains. Found along the northern portion of Roy's Redwoods Loop Trail in Mixed Evergreen Forest.
Closeup of Membranous Pelt Lichen (Peltigera membranacea.) This lichen's photosynthetic partner is a blue-green algae, which means this organism can fix atmospheric nitrogen.
A lovely Redwood Sideband Snail (Monadenia infumata) in the Alluvial Flat.
Second Redwood Sideband Snail, found near the Membranous Pelt Lichen in Mixed Evergreen Forest.

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